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With softness

Each day, at any hour: for an un-self-conscious moment . Always fresh, always in season: that’s this place’s special attention. Our spirited Parisian café offers tasty essentials in a lively setting.

A modest, attentive approach with simple, inviting flavors. Sit on the terrace, at the counter, at a lively table or enjoy a quiet tête-à-tête, the desire is the same: thrill your tastebuds and comfort your palette.


Permanently closed



The real thing

From essential œuf Bénédicte to a light ceviche, Creime offers enticingly unctuous cuisine favorites. From several kinds of boards to tasty finger food, from guilty pleasures to pure gourmet treats.


As an extra

And along with this offer, savor a flavorful, natural wine unearthed with care or a lovely, creative cocktail that can take you in any direction.
Just ask to our team: they’ll find the daring, perfect touch to liven up any classic drink.




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